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Can galvanized elbows be welded?

- Aug 05, 2018 -

The life of the coating depends on the thickness of the coating in a particular environment. The thickness of the coating is determined by the thickness of the steel. That is, the thicker the steel, the thicker the coating, the thicker the steel in the same steel structure must also get a thicker coating to ensure a longer life. Zinc layer is used to maintain steel. In addition to hot dip galvanizing, there are several other methods. The quality is better than Table 3. It is usually the most widely used, the best anti-corrosion effect and the best economic benefit. Galvanized method.

The material of the galvanized elbow is galvanized carbon steel elbow is generally Q235 material, can be welded with J421 or J422 welding rod; the surface of the zinc should be cleaned during welding, will not affect the welding quality, easy to crack, galvanized Ma Steel Elbows should not be welded.