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Galvanized elbow process

- Aug 12, 2018 -

1. Optimization of sulphate galvanizing

The biggest advantage of the sulphate galvanized elbow is that the current efficiency is up to 100% and the deposition rate is fast, which is unmatched by other galvanizing processes. Because the plating crystal is not detailed enough, the dispersing ability and the deep plating ability are poor, so it is only suitable for electroplating of pipes and wires with simple geometric shapes.

2. Conversion of sulphate galvanizing

Sulfate electroplated zinc elbow iron alloy retains only the main salt of zinc sulfate galvanized zinc sulfate, and the remaining components such as aluminum sulfate, alum (potassium aluminum sulfate) can be added to the plating solution to add insoluble hydroxide The precipitate is removed; for the organic additive, it is added to the powdered activated carbon to remove it.

3. Fast deposition rate and excellent protection performance

The current efficiency of sulphate electroplated zinc elbow alloy process is up to 100%. The deposition rate is unmatched by any galvanizing process. The running speed of fine tube is 8~12 m/min, and the thickness of coating is 2m/min. This is continuous plating. Zinc is difficult to achieve.

4. Unique clean production

The galvanized elbow adopts the sulphate electroplating zinc-iron alloy process, in which the production line groove and the groove are pierced straight through without any carry-over or overflow of the solution.

5. The particularity of electroplating equipment

The electroplating of galvanized elbows is the same as the electroplating of the wires, which are continuous electroplating, but the plating equipment is different. A wire-plated groove designed with its elongated strip features. The groove is long, wide and shallow. When electroplating, the wire is pierced from the perforations and spreads in a straight shape on the liquid surface to maintain the mutual spacing.