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Carbon steel elbow processing technology

- Jun 09, 2018 -

Carbon steel elbow processing technology

Carbon steel elbows are made of medium frequency induction heating, bending the workpiece under local heating conditions. Compared with the general cold pipe bender, not only does it not need a set of special molds, but also the size of the machine tool only accounts for 1/3 ~ 1 / of the cold pipe bender of the same specification. The mid-frequency heat pipe bending process is the most economical and effective one among various bending pipe processes.

The process of carbon steel elbow is to put an induction circle on the part of the steel pipe to be bent, clamp the pipe head with a mechanical arm, and insert the intermediate frequency current heating steel pipe in the induction circle. When the temperature of the steel pipe rises to the plastic state, it is behind the steel pipe. The end is propelled by mechanical thrust and bent. The curved steel pipe is rapidly cooled by coolant, so that it is heated, pushed, bent, and cooled, and the bend pipe is bent.

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