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How to bend a metal pipe?

- Feb 20, 2018 -

A: Metal tube is commonly used tube curved tube, pulley pipe bender, electric top bending machine bending, or using gas welding heating bending system.

1. Curved Tube Bender: Pipe Bender is small in size and is the easiest tool for pipes with diameters of 50mm and below.

2. With the pulley bender bending: When the pipe bending of the appearance, shape requirements, especially the bending of a large number of the same radius of curvature of the line, the use of pulley pipe bender is more appropriate. The pulley pipe Bender is suitable for pipes with 50~100mm diameter.

3. Gas welding Heating bending: When the pipe wall is thicker or the diameter is thicker, gas welding can be used to heat the bending (pipe sand), but should pay attention to the heat, lest the heating is not enough bending difficulties, or overheating or uneven heating caused by bending flat. In addition, for the buried pipe, gas welding heating can be used for position correction and torsion bending.

4. With the electric top Bender bending machine: When the diameter of more than 100mm or need a large number of curved line pipe and the curvature of the line tube is high, you can use a dedicated electric (or hydraulic) top bending machine.