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U-shaped stainless steel pipe processing

- Jun 09, 2018 -

U-shaped stainless steel pipe processing

      U-shaped stainless steel pipe is a kind of stainless steel pipe, then we have a look at U-shaped stainless steel pipe bending it!


      First of all, take the stainless steel to process the special-shaped tube, stainless steel special-shaped tube is generally more than 304 material is more! Through their own needs to choose their own type of stainless steel pipe!


       Then we talk about processing methods


     1. Rolling method: Stainless steel pipe generally does not need mandrel for elbow and is suitable for the inside edge of thick-walled stainless steel pipe.


     2. Roller method: Place the mandrel in the stainless steel tube and push the outside with a roller.


     3. Stamping method: Using a tapered mandrel on a punch press, one end of the stainless steel tube is expanded to the required size and shape.


     4. Folding drum method: first place the rubber in the stainless steel tube, the upper punch with compression, so that the stainless steel tube convex forming; there is a method is to use hydraulic pressure to expand the drum, in the stainless steel tube into the liquid, the liquid pressure can be stainless steel Tubes drums into the required shape, generally corrugated

Most of the tube production uses this method.


     5. Direct bending forming method: There are three kinds of methods that are commonly used when the stainless steel pipe bending pipe is processed. One is called stretching method, the other is called punching method, the third is called roller method, there are 3-4 rollers, Two fixed rollers, one adjusting roller, adjusting the fixed roller distance, processed into

Stainless steel pipe fittings are curved.

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