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I would like to ask: Does the fixed galvanized steel pipe joint need to cross the grounding wire?

- Aug 19, 2018 -

This problem is very simple. 1. See if you are designing according to the design. The conduit required for design is SC tube or KBG tube or JDG tube. If it is SC tube, this means that whether you are tying or casing, you must press GB50303-2002 requires construction and acceptance, of course, it is necessary to cross the grounding wire. 2. In particular, the construction contract states that your construction quality is implemented according to the standard. If it is GB according to the national standard, you must unconditionally construct according to GB50303-2002, if it is the construction and acceptance according to JGJ standard. It can be constructed and accepted according to JGJ's electrical standards. Of course, you can not cross the grounding wire.

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