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UL-Listed Emt Elbows

- Jun 02, 2016 -

EMT elbows are made with the utmost precision to ensure a high quality raceway along the entire run. Our UL 797-listed. EMT elbows are made using our high quality ANSI C80.3, UL-listed EMT conduit. We offer a full range of elbows - 1/2" to 4" by 90, 45, 30, 22 and 15 degrees. 

Our EMT Elbows are best in class and are produced with an emphasis on quality and consistency. The tube will never be flattened by the bending process and the galvanizing will be completely intact. Wire pulling is effortless with our incredibly smooth galvanizing and there are absolutely no sharp edges on any surfaces that could snag, scratch or break the wiring as it is being pulled through the raceway. Domestic-quality products at an import price.