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- Jun 07, 2016 -

1. EMT Conduit & Fittings 

Electrical  Metallic Tubing(EMT Conduit ),90 Degree EMT Conduit Elbow ,Zinc ,Aluminum and Steel Couplings & Connectors, Set Screw Conduit Body , Conduit Strap ,Conduit Bender , Locknuts ,Conduit Hanger ,Clevis Hanger ,Swivel Loop Hanger


2. IMC ,Rigid Conduit & Fittings

Intermediate Metal Conduit (IMC Conduit ) , Rigid Conduit , Conduit Bushing , Reducing Bushing


3. Conduit Body & Weatherproof boxes

Set Screw Conduit Body , Threaded Rigid Conduit Body ,One Gang Weaterproof Box ,Two Gang Weaterpoof box ,Cover & Gasket


4. Steel Junction boxes and Covers

Steel handy Box ,Steel Square Box ,Steel Octagonal Box , Flat Blank Cover ,Flat Cover with Knockout, Flat One Device Cover ,Flat Two Device Cover , Raised One Device Cover , Raised Two Device Cover


5. BS4568 Condult and Fittings

BS4568 Conduit ,BS31 Conduit ,Malleable Iron Junction Box ,Space Bar Saddle ,Distance Saddle ,Inspection Tee ,Inspection Elbow ,BS4568 Coupling , One Gange GI box ,Two Gang GI Box .