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What is the electrical piping sc, what is the electrical piping sc

- Sep 09, 2018 -

Sc means laying through steel pipes.

1. Electrical piping refers to the laying of cable protection tubes.

Second, the types of piping mainly include:

PC PVC hard tube,

FPC semi-rigid tube,

KPC bellows,

CT is laid for the bridge

Third, the common (serious) problems in this process are:

Replace plastic pipes such as SC/TC/KBG/JDG with plastic pipes such as PVC;

Metal pipe is commonly used in plastic pipe fittings such as plastic pipe fittings;

PVC pipe (rain pipe, air conditioning condensate pipe) does not set expansion joint according to specifications and design requirements;

PVC pipes (sewage, rainwater pipes, air-conditioning condensate pipes, etc.) are not provided with metal hangers.