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Classification And Application Of Steel Pipe

- Apr 18, 2017 -

Classification and application of steel pipe

The steel pipe is seamed, weld is divided into longitudinal welded pipe, spiral welded pipe. , a pipe 1, classification according to the production method of classification

(1) seamless tube, cold rolling, hot rolling, cold drawing tube, extrusion tube, pipe jacking pipe


(2)(according to the process of arc welding, resistance welding (high frequency and low frequency), the gas pipe, the furnace pipe (b) according to the weld - longitudinal welded pipe, spiral welded pipe 2, according to section shape classification

(1) simple section steel pipe of circular steel tube, square steel tube, steel tube, steel tube, oval triangular hexagonal steel pipe, steel pipe, steel pipe, octagonal rhombic semi circular steel circle, the other

(2) complex cross-section steel tube - steel pipe, five equilateral hexagonal plum petal shaped steel tube, steel tube, double convex concave steel pipe, steel pipe, steel pipe, oval shaped conical corrugated steel pipe, steel pipe and other case

3according to the classification of wall thickness of thin-walled steel, thick wall steel pipe
4, according to the use classification of steel pipe used for thermal equipment, steel, machinery industrial steel, petroleum and geological drilling with steel pipe, steel pipe, steel containers for chemical industry, special steel.