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Easy Installation Of Flexible Steel Pipe Transportation

- Sep 25, 2017 -

The rated pressure applicable to flexible steel tubes conforms to the ANSI classification by using a flexible steel pipe sleeve to the old pipe, and the API17J classification method and material are used to protect the bottom of the pipe from external influence. The design standard of flexible steel pipe used on land deviates slightly from API standard, and level 600 equals 10.

Flexible steel pipe has four-storey structure, the most internal layer is extruded thermoplastic pipe, in the transmission of liquid in the sealing role; the middle two-layer liner is filled with carbon polyethylene pipe, which has the ability to withstand long-term ultraviolet radiation, Flex Steel Conduit And Fittings and can exclude external static electricity. The outer layer is a thick external shield that is extruded to protect the bottom of the pipe from external influences. Standard flexible steel pipe suitable for the nominal pressure of the ANSI classification, such as level 300 equivalent to 5.15MPa; grade 400 equals 6.89MPa; Flex Steel Conduit And Fittings grade 600 equals ten. 3MPa.

Flexible steel pipe According to the different materials have many different classifications, but the common features are:

1. Strong corrosion resistance. FRP pipe, Flex Steel Conduit And Fittings rubber material corrugated pipe non-metallic material, strong corrosion resistance, metal coil corrugated pipe galvanized layer also has a good corrosion resistance.

2. Good pipeline flexibility. Glass fiber reinforced plastic sand pipe is formed by filament winding, in order to increase the stiffness sandwiched between the gravel; rubber (or plastic) material corrugated pipe is a hot cast, some varieties in the middle with metal wire skeleton, metal bellows is used in the Book of corrugated iron sheet forming, these kinds of pipe axial stiffness is very good, Flex Steel Conduit And Fittings the stiffness value with the pipe wall thickness and increase. Compared with the reinforced concrete pipe, the axial larger flexible deformation does not destroy the pipeline itself, the maximum axial allowable deformation is 1% of the pipe length, the maximum radial allowable deformation is 5%, and (the manufacturer provides the value) can adapt to the weak foundation well. It is also known as flexible piping.

3. Easy transportation and installation. Pipeline production length of $number meters, or even longer, less interface, so the installation duration is short.

4, the interface construction operation time is short. Flex Steel Conduit And Fittings The use of mechanical, physical, chemical method seals instead of concrete tape seals, some even do not make concrete foundation, to save the waiting time for concrete health.