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Flexible Pipe Pitch Between Flexible

- Jul 20, 2017 -

For many of the various transmission lines used at present, such as some external protection of the use of the shell is particularly important, so as to ensure that the entire transmission line of the normal operation, and for this shell, most of them are called flexible steel pipe equipment, this new type of equipment has a lot of good features, the internal theme is flexible steel pipe, in the tube outside the diagram has PVC paint, Flexible Steel Conduit so this device has more good advantages, in this product connection, is to use a flexible steel pipe joint this device.

To connect and strengthen the flexible steel pipe products, for the use of this flexible steel pipe joints people should understand the use of the method and installation methods, Flexible Steel Conduit in this way can guarantee the use of the process will not appear in the metal pipe interface part of the leakage of the problem, so for this joint people have to carefully understand the next, and then can better ensure the entire product installation effect quality.

For flexible steel pipe joints are also divided into different sizes and specifications, so people use the process of careful understanding, and then in the use of the time can be able to have a better use of the effect of ascension to ensure that the quality is more perfect.

1. Flexible steel pipe has a strong corrosion resistance.

2. Hose pipe body for thin-walled stainless steel tube hydroforming, Flexible Steel Conduit with strong flexibility, scalability, bending and anti-vibration ability, woven mesh set to strengthen protection, so that it has a higher pressure capacity.

3. Hose ends of the connection can also be made in addition to the thread, flange standard other than the connection, convenient connection and use.

4. The product is not only suitable for matching with rotary joint, Flexible Steel Conduit but also is widely used in soft connection of various fluid medium transportation.

The popular flexible steel pipe only uses one layer of net sets, the uncommon use place, also has weaves two layers, three layers.

1 flexible steel pipe pitch;

2, flexible steel pipe has good scalability, no obstruction and stiffness;

3, flexible steel pipe light weight, good caliber consistency;

4, flexible steel pipe flexibility, repetitive bending, good flexibility;

5. Flexible steel pipe corrosion resistance, Flexible Steel Conduit high temperature resistance;

6, flexible steel tube to prevent rat bite, Flexible Steel Conduit good wear and tear, preventing internal wire from wear;

7, flexible steel pipe bending, tensile properties, strong resistance to lateral pressure;

8, flexible pipe soft and smooth, easy to thread installation positioning;

9, PVC flexible steel pipe waterproof performance is good.