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Flexible Steel Tube Saves Cost

- Oct 20, 2017 -

The pipeline is forced to shut down and even stop the operation is often occurred, the use of flexible steel pipe repair technology can solve this problem, the method is a flexible steel pipe set to the old pipe. Flexible steel pipe Repair technology can not only save costs, Flex Steel Conduit And Fittings but also reduce the damage to the environment.

Characteristics and application of flexible steel pipe

Canada has a long 2km, pipe diameter of 6in pipeline, due to corrosion problems were shut down. The pipeline is going through 5 to 6 land owners, and it is particularly difficult to apply for a new pipeline, so it is decided to repair the pipeline. The repair method is to use a flexible steel to the old pipe, so that it can not need to apply for new pipes, greatly saving expenses, and reduce the damage to the environment. Flexible steel pipe is used to transfer liquid carbon dioxide to the wellhead to increase oil production. There are two 90° bends and a road crossing at the wellhead. Flex Steel Conduit And Fittings The pipe should be cleared and removed before the work is put into operation.

Flexible steel pipe has four-storey structure, the most internal layer is extruded thermoplastic pipe, in the transmission of liquid in the sealing role; the middle two-layer liner is filled with carbon polyethylene pipe, which has the ability to withstand long-term ultraviolet radiation, and can exclude external static electricity. Flex Steel Conduit And Fittings The outer layer is a thick external shield that is extruded to protect the bottom of the pipe from external influences. Standard flexible steel pipe suitable for the nominal pressure of the ANSI classification, such as level 300 equivalent to 5.15MPa; grade 400 equals 6.89MPa; grade 600 equals ten. 3MPa. Offshore flexible steel pipe design based on the API 17J, 17K and RP 17B. The design standards for onshore flexible steel tubes deviate slightly from API standards, using API 17J classification methods and materials whose pressure, Flex Steel Conduit And Fittings tensile and destruction limits are within the prescribed range. The test is based on the API RP 17B requirements.

Flexible steel pipe main application areas: construction steel, large venues, exhibition center, lifting machinery, shipbuilding, storage shelves, Flex Steel Conduit And Fittings decorative decoration, transportation facilities, airport construction, railway vehicles, bridge bracket, mine support, stereo garage, outdoor advertising, fitness equipment, wind power equipment, vehicle manufacturing and other industries.