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What is the technological feature of galvanized elbow?

- Jun 09, 2018 -

What is the technological feature of galvanized elbow?

1. Optimization of sulphate galvanization The biggest advantage of sulphate galvanizing bends is that the current efficiency is up to 100% and the deposition rate is fast, which is unmatched by other galvanizing processes. Due to the insufficiency of the crystallization of the plating layer and the poor dispersion and plating capabilities, it is only suitable for electroplating of pipes and wires with simple geometric shapes. 2. Sulfate galvanized conversion sulphate electroplated zinc bent pipe ferroalloy only retains main sulphate galvanized zinc sulphate, other components such as aluminum sulphate, alum (aluminum potassium sulphate), etc. Sodium oxide makes insoluble hydroxide precipitates removed; for organic additives, powdered activated carbon is added to suck and remove.

3. Fast deposition rate and excellent protection performance

The current efficiency of sulfate electroplated zinc elbow alloy process is as high as 100%, and the deposition rate is unmatched by any galvanizing process. The speed of the fine tube is 8 to 12 m/min, and the average coating thickness is 2m/min. This is continuous plating. Zinc is difficult to reach. 4. Unique clean production The galvanized bent pipe adopts the sulphate electroplating zinc ferroalloy process, in which the production line trough and the trough are perforated and the solution is not brought out or overflowed. 5. Particularity of electroplating equipment Electroplating of galvanized elbows is the same as the electroplating of wire rods. All of them are continuous electroplating, but the plating equipment is different. The plating tank designed with its elongated strips features long, wide but shallow grooves. During electroplating, the wire is pierced through the holes and spreads out in a straight line at the liquid surface, keeping the distance between them.

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