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High Degree Of Standardization Of Switch Socket Box

- Sep 25, 2017 -

The electrical wiring in the house decoration is usually concealed, and the switch box is the box. One is to install the switch (fixed), and the second is the wiring. Then, the switch box is also called switch socket box, the box does not install switches, sockets, only the cover plate, it can be called switch socket box. Switch And Socket Box The line needs to branch, the pipe turns too many for threading convenience, need to install switch socket box. Many people think that the switch box is the switch socket box.

Switch socket box is used for line tubes, lamps and other wiring, the use of line, generally this calculation of the number of lamps + line tube quantity (not turning 30 meters, 20.1-meter, turning, 12.2-meter turn, 8.3-meter corners).

What is a switch socket box? Use switch socket box as the transition, wire and switch socket box connection, wire tube inside the wire in the switch socket box, to protect the wire and connect the role of wire, this is the switch socket box.

The switch socket box is the length of the pipeline in the electric wiring line. Switch And Socket Box When the pipe elbow exceeds the specified distance and the number of bends and the pipeline has branch, the crossing box must be set up, the pipeline is equipped with the load terminal is reserved box, Switch And Socket Box is the switch socket box. Its role is to facilitate threading, line and transition wiring.

The thin-walled sheet metal structure of the switch socket box, the welding part reduces, the seal adopts the sealing and extruding structure, the wiring terminal arrangement is reasonable, the electrical clearance and the creepage distance are big, satisfies the voltage range is wide; the circular mounting fixed can make use of all motor structural type, the switch socket box has the good performance, the series versatility, Switch And Socket Box the standardization degree is high, High protection grade, beautiful appearance, light weight, low cost, complete electrical safety measures and other features, can improve the overall quality of motor products, improve product safety and reliability.

With the development of the economy, the use of switch sockets is more and more extensive, such as: cabin, outdoor electrical, communications, fire equipment, Petrochemical, home, electronics, mines, subways, mining sites, guesthouses, ships, large factories, coastal factories, unloading terminals, schools, etc. Switch And Socket Box will be seen anytime, All this also illustrates the wide use of switch socket boxes.

Now I would like to introduce to you the composition of the Switch socket box:

1, polycarbonate, the material performance is strong, with high impact strength, relatively stable size, is a colorless and transparent material, and very good coloring, electrical insulation excellent, good corrosion resistance and wear resistance; however, there is a tendency of stress cracking, Switch And Socket Box high temperature easy hydrolysis, and other resin phase solubility is poor.

2, polyvinyl chloride, is one of the most widely used plastic materials; switch socket box is a kind of amorphous material, the actual use of stabilizers, lubricants, color materials, shock-resistant agents and other additives of various effects.