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Installation Of Switch Socket Box

- Jun 13, 2017 -

In the decoration switch socket box is also a relatively important component, we think that the switch is a small thing, in fact, some in the decoration will be very concerned about this piece, will be concerned about the switch socket box brand, material, color, collocation, etc., will have a certain attention. Today, I'll talk to you about it. How do I charge for installing a switch socket box? The installation steps of the switch socket

How to charge the installation of switch socket box?

1, look at the regional, there are some to be counted by the day, but almost all the city electricians are charged by the day, the price is about 300-400, Switch And Socket Box lamps to see is what lamps, have to sell light package installed small lamps are generally not wrapped, not the general low pressure flat crystal lamp is 80-120, room lamp 60-80 Range

2. In order to ensure the safety and durability of the power switch socket box, we recommend that professional decoration workers be installed. If installed or replaced by itself, the wiring in the switch socket box must be carefully carried out, not allowing the wrong connection, leakage. The installation process is mainly divided into cleaning, Switch And Socket Box wiring, fixed installation.

3, switch socket boxed one of the labor costs 5 pieces, dressings 1, one, 60. In real terms. The luminaire is a total of 200 pieces. Plumbing What 210 pieces.

Switch socket box installation steps?

1, Power line processing: The box will be thrown out of the wire maintenance length, and then cut out the core, pay attention not to touch the wire core. Press the wire clockwise steering wheel around the switch or socket corresponding to the wiring column, and then tighten the pressure head, Switch And Socket Box require the wire core should not be exposed.

2, socket three-wire wiring method: FireWire Access switch 2 holes in a marker, and then from another hole to connect the insulation cable to the socket below 3 holes in the L hole to connect. 0-Wire Direct access to the socket 3 holes in the N-hole to connect. Switch And Socket Box The grounding wire is connected directly to the e hole in 3 holes. If the 0 line and ground fault, the use of electrical appliances will appear trip phenomenon.

3, switch socket box bottom box clean: Switch socket box installed in the Carpentry painter, and so on, and the long set of the bottom box is inevitable accumulation of dust. In the installation of the switch socket box at the bottom of the box to clean, especially the dust impurities in the box clean up, and with a damp cloth to wipe the remaining dust in the box. This prevents special impurities from affecting the use of the circuit.

4, Switch socket box fixed installation: First, the box is thrown out of the wire from the plastic platform of the outlet hole, and then put the plastic table close to the wall with screws fixed on the box. After fixing, the wire will be put through the wire hole of the switch socket box according to their position, Switch And Socket Box and the wire will be pressed in accordance with the wiring requirements.

OK, about the switch socket box installation steps? How to charge the installation of switch socket box? Small make up with everybody said here, hope can bring you some help, let you in decorate switch socket box when have a reference opinion, can decorate to a oneself like, Switch And Socket Box reflect own taste of outlet switch.

Commonly used switch socket box number:

1, 86 type junction box.

2, 120 type junction box.

3, 118 type junction box.