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Switch Socket Box Installed In Wall

- Oct 11, 2017 -

The switch socket box is the bottom box behind the switch and the socket panel. Used in the switch, the socket panel, installed in the wall. Switch socket box is used as switch, the bottom box of the socket is calculated according to the number of switch outlets; the junction box is used for wiring, lighting, etc., in general, such as the number of lamps + line tube quantity (not turning 30 meters, 20.1-meter a turn, 12.2-meter turn, 8.3-meter corners).

Switch socket box is generally installed in the carpentry painters and other work after the completion of the switch socket box due to the construction of the reasons inevitably accumulate a large amount of dust. So in the installation of switch socket box should be first to the switch socket bottom box cleaning, Switch And Socket Box especially the dust impurities in the box clean, and with a damp cloth to wipe the remaining dust in the box. This prevents special impurities from affecting the use of the circuit.

Install the switch socket box when the box will be thrown out of the wire to maintain the length, and then cut out the core, pay attention not to touch the wire core. Press the wire clockwise steering wheel around the switch or socket corresponding to the wiring column, and then tighten the pressure head, Switch And Socket Box require the wire core should not be exposed. A mark in the 2 holes of the FireWire access switch, and then from the other hole the insulated wire is connected to the L hole in the 3 holes of the socket below. 0-Wire Direct access socket in 3 holes in the n hole to be connected. The grounding wire is connected directly to the e hole in the 3 holes of the socket. Switch And Socket Box If the 0 line and ground fault, in the use of electrical appliances will appear tripping phenomenon.

Switch socket box fixed

When the switch socket box is fixed, the wire in the box is first worn out by the outlet hole of the plastic table, and the plastic table is fastened to the wall with screws on the box. After fixing, the wire will be put through the wire hole of the switch socket according to the position, Switch And Socket Box and the wire shall be pressed in accordance with the wiring requirements. Finally, the switch or socket is affixed to the plastic platform, and the screws are fastened and the decorative board is covered. At this point, the switch socket box installation is complete.