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Switch Socket Box Of The Procurement Skills

- Aug 14, 2017 -

Switch socket box prices vary widely, the price from a few dollars more than ten dollars, to tens of dollars on the hundred dollars, there are, and the product does not seem much difference, but in fact the quality difference is very large.According to statistics, more than 1,500 domestic Home production switches, sockets of electrical accessories manufacturers, the relevant state departments issued by the production license only 1/3 more. Many manufacturers in the publicity to exaggerate the data, to deceive consumers, according to the actual 2005 State Bureau of Technical Supervision data show: switch socket products qualified rate of industry sampling rate is very low, Switch And Socket Box in 2005 only about 60%. These poor socket switches are one of the important causes of home fires. So the choice of switch socket must also be cautious.

Switch socket box: switch socket all are attached to the switch socket box (also called switch socket box), from the material that the switch socket box has two kinds of materials: plastic and iron. Plastic is generally used for civilian dwellings, and iron is generally used for industrial 3-phase 4-wire. Switch And Socket Box Two products as long as qualified, no problem with the family. Generally still use plastic, iron may be corroded. Switch socket box corresponding to the switch panel size distinction, generally 120-type switch socket box, 86-type switch socket box, switch socket box there are depth, deep switch socket box, light switch socket box. This is based on the actual needs to determine. The left figure for the plastic switch socket box, right for the iron switch socket box.

The size of the switch socket box is 75,86,100,118,120,146 type. Part of the Jiangsu and Zhejiang region used to use 120 panels, and most of the region is 86-type panel, 86 is an international standard, 120-type panels are generally modular installation. The specific choice which can be based on personal preferences, Switch And Socket Box and other international brands of the majority of the panel is 86 type, and Jiangsu and Zhejiang region some new brand 120 type of panel varieties more, 86 also have. Overall, the panel features simple and neat, clear function, Switch And Socket Box the installation of the standard then use 86. Like a flexible combination, you can use 120 modular installation, but must be assembled specifications. The same time as

Switch control mode:

Single-use single-control switch --- refers to the control used to control a lamp or electrical switch, the general delivery when equipped with conventional varieties

Single-connected double-control switch --- refers to the switch used to control the opening of a lamp or appliance in a different position in order to achieve the two switches, usually in the use of the lights entering the living room or hall. Can be realized when the door opened the door lights, the other installed in the bedroom or around the sofa, control off. The same can be achieved in the bedroom door or need to turn on the lights, Switch And Socket Box leave the unit when closed. Bedroom entrance and bedside wear a pair of such light, to control the bedroom main light source, is also better. Some people like to use the remote control, this can also, but the premise is the quality of remote control must pass, I heard the life of remote control receiver is not long, Switch And Socket Box but it is estimated that the quality of large brands may be guaranteed.

Switch socket box: look and smell. Judging the standard in addition to see the general thickness, soft and hard, fire resistance, but also can use the nose to smell. The most high-end is the use of nylon material, tasteless; mid-range use of plastic, a normal plastic taste; low-grade poor use of waste plastics, recycled plastic, there will be odor.