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Switch Socket Box Of Two Kinds Of Material

- Jun 26, 2017 -

Switch socket box prices vary widely, the price from a few dollars more than ten dollars, to tens of dollars on the hundred dollars, there are, and the product does not seem much difference, but in fact the quality difference is very large.According to statistics, more than 1,500 domestic Home production switches, sockets of electrical accessories manufacturers, the relevant state departments issued by the production license of only 1/3 more than Many manufacturers in the publicity to exaggerate the data, to deceive consumers, according to the actual 2005 State Bureau of Technical Supervision data show: switch socket products qualified rate of industry sampling rate is very low, in 2005 only about 60%. These poor socket switches are one of the important causes of home fires. Switch And Socket Box So the switch socket selection must also be cautious.

1 cartridge: switch socket all attached to the cartridge (also called the bottom box), from the material that the cartridge has two kinds of materials: plastic and iron. Plastic is generally used for civilian dwellings, and iron is generally used for industrial 3-phase 4-wire. Two products as long as qualified, no problem with the family. Generally still use plastic, iron may be corroded. The bottom box corresponds to the switch panel has the size of the distinction, generally have 120 bottom box, 86 bottom box, Switch And Socket Box bottom box also has the depth, deep bottom box, shallow bottom box. This is based on the actual needs to determine.

Switch socket box model size 75,86,100,118,120,146 type. Part of the Jiangsu and Zhejiang region used to use 120-type panel, and most of the region is 86-type panel, 86 is an international standard, 120-type panels are generally modular installation. The specific choice which can be based on personal preferences, Switch And Socket Box and other international brands of the majority of the panel is 86, and Jiangsu and Zhejiang region some of the new brand 120 type of panel more, 86 also. Overall, the panel features simple and neat, clear function, the installation of the standard then use 86 type. Like a flexible combination, you can use 120 modular installation, but must be assembled specifications. The same time as the above-

More commonly used models are 86 (86 * 86mm).

120 type (120 * 60mm, 120 * 120mm), etc., (118 type basic and 120 type almost).

120 type module and assembly effect.

Terminals: There are two types of conventional screw terminals and quick terminals. The latter is more reliable and the wiring is very simple and quick. Even if the non-professional construction personnel simply insert the wire into the terminal hole, the connection is completed and Will never fall off. Most now are generally quick connect terminals.

Power socket type: household not necessarily all use 5-hole socket, such as a better planning, targeted settings, it can save costs. Some fixed position of the special socket, such as refrigerators, washing machines, hood, kitchen treasure, air conditioning, etc. no need to buy 5 holes, 3 holes can be. It is best to put some fixed electrical appliances, go to look at the type of plug to buy electrical appliances, is 3 holes or 2 holes. If the number of jacks, Switch And Socket Box type and electrical equipment does not match, then some of the jack function is idle, will cause a waste; In addition, multi-hole socket technology requirements are relatively high, Switch And Socket Box if the design is not accurate, the accuracy is likely to cause electric shock in use , Will also lead to misplugging phenomenon.

At the same time to buy 5 holes in particular to pay attention to the distance between 2 holes and 3 holes, if the distance is too close, there may be caused by 2 holes and 3-hole plug can not be inserted into the socket at the same time, so try to use 2 holes and 3 holes away of