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Switch Socket Box Related Knowledge

- Sep 04, 2017 -

The switch receptacle box is used for the lamp position and the box set on the pipe. The switch receptacle box is equal to the total number of all switches and sockets. The switch receptacle box is the total number of switch receptacle boxes added to the lamp and on the pipe according to specifications.

Switch socket box used in the switch, socket panel, installed in the wall. Switch socket box according to the number of switch socket; switch socket box is used for wire, lighting and other wiring, sub-line use, the general number of such lamps and the number of lines (not turning 30 meters count; 20 meters a turn, 12 meters two turns, 8 meters three turns).

The new material and the return of the points, Switch And Socket Box the production method is different. First of all, the use of new materials produced products PVC trim appearance is relatively smooth, feels no sense of roughness, and this product is pure white and not doped with other impurities, and the toughness of this product is very Strong, and the price will be higher than the other materials will be higher, Switch And Socket Box which is mainly the cost of raw materials to decide.

1. The switch socket box is the length of the pipeline in the electrical piping line. When the pipe elbow exceeds the specified distance and the number of elbows and the branch of the pipeline, it must be set to pass the transition box, the pipeline to the load terminal is reserved Of the box, are switch socket box. Switch And Socket Box Its role is to facilitate threading, sub-line and transition wiring.

2. are installed at the terminal box, is to install the lamp. Switch. Socket installation of the fixed panel and wiring in the box with.

3. Switch socket box and switch box is an electrical installation of the accessories, a separate switch socket box. Switch box installation quota sub-head, is indeed not subject to the main material, you need to enter the main material unit price.

4. Whether it is metal box or PVC plastic box, the current commonly used for the H86 box, both box width 86mm, box deep 50mm.70mm range (H86 * S50.H86 * S60.H86 * S70.H86 * S80 , There are 146H * S50.146H * S60).

5. Calculate the number of drawings in accordance with the actual calculation; in accordance with the pipeline branch or return pipe must be a transition, pipeline straight line distance and elbow number exceeds the requirements of the specification must be added switch socket box, Switch And Socket Box according to pipeline conditions and pipeline and Elbow situation analysis and calculation, Switch And Socket Box otherwise it will not count less count.