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Switch The Type Of Socket Box

- May 26, 2017 -

Many friends in the house or shop decoration, because the switch socket box to understand less, here we give you some decoration in the engineering switch socket bottom box installation recommendations.

The first is the 118 switchgear box, Switch And Socket Box which is not a standard product. But its advantage is free to combine, and can be based on your actual needs to choose a few, so not only save the cost of the bottom box, but also facilitate the construction. Here to emphasize that the strength of a total of a box, is not in line with national regulations. 118 switch socket box internal space is relatively small, wiring longer trouble. It is called the multi-function plug, easy to loose. And then 86 engineering switch socket box, its size is 86 * 86mm, square, is also the best in our lives to see the five-hole socket back box, it is a national standard products, but also international products. 86 bottom box inside the large space, wiring is relatively easy, and it is a large contact area of the wall, once the mortar paste, it will not loose. When multiple cassettes are to be installed side by side, you can use connectors to ensure that the installation of the high end of the same. Switch And Socket Box After the bottom box is installed inside the wall, the base box is damaged without the use of a shovel. So it is recommended that everyone in the house decoration, the preferred 86-bottom box, because it is relatively more stable and reliable, the most important thing is that it conforms to national standards.

Switch socket box is our life essential hardware building materials, seemingly insignificant, it is good or bad but affect the safety of electricity. For such a "little thing", basically every day and its contact, but you really understand it? User "hundred times" with his professional knowledge for us to explain the relevant knowledge of the switch socket to help you choose the right switch socket.

What are the types of switch receptacle boxes?

At the beginning of the home improvement of the beginning of the transformation of water and electricity, Switch And Socket Box it is related to the switch socket selection, this time the decoration has not yet entered the state of white, everything is obeyed the arrangement of water and electricity, often in the beginning into a passive. Wait until the switch socket to be installed when the problem was found, but it was too late, because different types of bottom box has been firmly buried in the wall, the installation of the wall paint are done, Switch And Socket Box buckle out Reality can only be done, causing regret.

Then what type of switch socket in the end it:

The size of the switch socket panel is: 86 * 86 (unit: mm).

Switch And Socket Box Because the size is 86 * 86, so this switch socket is called 86, the corresponding installation hole distance of 60mm (mm).

Of course, this size also has some special, such as Schneider Fengshang series, the appearance is 87 * 87, but the installation hole is 60mm. So this also belong to the 86 type which can be universal.

120 type switch socket size: 120 (height) * 70 (base type). The mounting pitch is 83.5mm. Note 120 type and 118 type difference, 120 type switch socket is put up to install.

120 * 70 size is the basic type, a panel can be configured three units, Switch And Socket Box this is also called small board. There is also a large board, the size is 120 * 120, up to 6 units can be configured