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The Switch Socket Box Has Good Flame Retardancy

- Jul 10, 2017 -

Switch socket box by material is divided into two kinds of tin and PVC box. Iron box is generally used for engineering, iron box to be equipped with iron pipe, the state requirements with the metal box home to protect the line, for home improvement is not necessary, and home furnishings are generally used PVC pipe, Connected to the ground, so home improvement with PVC can be. Switch And Socket Box But must choose a good quality PVC wire box. PVC box because of the larger drawback is the aging, the screws are not strong, the panel will fall off, especially the socket panel, will cause security risks. If you find the problem, you want to change, then you have to break the wall, re-construction. So in the choice of switch socket box must pay attention to quality.

Market switch socket box, a large number of small workshops produced by the fake and shoddy products. The use of such poor quality switch socket box, on the one hand may cause the installation of the trouble, on the other hand, the use will increase the risk of accidents. Good switch socket box when meeting the following conditions:

1, the use of anti-shock, high temperature, good flame retardant, Switch And Socket Box corrosion-resistant insulation materials. Selection can be used when burning, wrestling, etc. to test.

2, the size of precision, including the screw spacing, the size of the standard 6 points, 4 points, such as pipe joints. The size of the switchgear box is not accurate enough, may cause the switch socket is not installed or switch socket box inside the slurry (sand inside the wall infiltration).

3, high-quality screw mouth. Good switch socket box screw mouth for the thread copper core insulation materials, to ensure that many times do not slip mouth. Switch And Socket Box Part of the switch socket box side of the screw port is also designed to have a certain space up and down activities, even if the switch socket installation on a slight tilt, can also be successfully fixed in the switch socket box.

4, the larger internal space. Switch socket box internal space, can reduce the wire tangled, conducive to heat.

Home improvement common switch socket box by model is divided into 86 type, 120 type, Switch And Socket Box as well as octagonal switch socket box and other special role switch socket box, and some electrical appliances dark box, can also be called wiring switch socket box.

86 type, switch socket box size of about 800mm * 800mm, panel size of about 860mm * 860mm. Is the most used one of the wiring switch socket box. Can be widely used in a variety of buildings, decoration which. 86-type panel is also divided into single box, multi-box (by two and more than two single-box combination).

120 type, 120 type wiring dark division 120/60 type and 120/120 type.

120/60 switch socket box size of about 114mm * 54mm, panel size of about 120mm * 60mm.

120/120 switch socket box size of about 114mm * 114mm. Panel size of about 120mm * 120mm.

Octagonal switch socket box, usually used for construction of the lamp cap line of the transition to use. There are eight "angle", commonly known as octagonal box.

Special role switch socket box. Due to different uses, Switch And Socket Box its variety and type of variety. Mainly used for the transitional connection of the line.

There are some manufacturers of special special switch socket box, only for the production of its products. For example, Simon's 60 series panel, you need a special wiring switch socket box.

Usually we are using the 86 type, and most of the panels are also applicable to the 86-type switch socket box. So we try to choose when the installation of 86 type, so that the late selection of the room is also larger. The above content is Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the switch socket box is what and how to choose switch socket box. Hope to help you.