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What Is The Purpose Of Steel Pipe

- Apr 21, 2017 -

What is the purpose of steel pipe


The steel pipe is not only used for conveying fluid and powder solid, exchanging heat energy, manufacturing mechanical parts and containers, but also an economical steel material. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model has the advantages of reducing the weight, saving 20 to 40% of the metal, and realizing the mechanization construction of the factory. (processing workshop of Tianjin steel pipe company as a result of the steel pipe truss structure, the actual steel saving up to 42.9%), with a steel pipe manufacturing highway bridge can not only save steel, simplify the construction, but also can greatly reduce the coated area, saving investment and maintenance costs. Therefore, any other type of steel can not completely replace the steel pipe, but the steel pipe can replace some of the profiles and bars. Steel pipe is very important to the development of national economy and the improvement of the quality of human life. From the people's daily utensils, furniture, water supply and drainage, gas supply, ventilation and heating facilities to all kinds of agricultural machinery equipment manufacturing, underground resources development, national defense and space use guns, bullets, missiles, rockets and so cannot do without steel