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What Is The Role Of Metal Conduits In The Catheter

- Sep 01, 2018 -

What is the role of metal conduits in the catheter?

After years of development, metal pipes have been made from ordinary steel pipes to PVC pipes, and have series of crimped steel pipe series and sleeved steel pipe series.

The sleeved crimped steel conduit series and the sleeved rigid steel conduit series were developed in 1994. It not only has the characteristics of safe and fireproof steel pipe, but also has the advantages of light weight, exquisiteness, simple and quick installation of PVC pipe, and no need to weld and cross the grounding wire in the connection of pipe and pipe. After years of promotion and use, the product has entered a stable maturity period.

The emergence of the series of crimped steel pipe series and the sleeved steel pipe series has saved a lot of time and labor, improved work efficiency, shortened the construction period, and reduced the cost for the project. No welding is required during the installation process, which provides safety for construction. Construction parties, design institutes, construction companies, and supervision companies are all very happy to adopt them. However, like all products, counterfeit and inferior socket-clamped steel conduits and socket-tightened steel conduits were once prevalent, jeopardizing the survival and development of the construction market and formal enterprises. Due to the difference between counterfeit and counterfeit products and regular products, developers, supervisors and construction parties pay insufficient attention to building electrical accessories. Some manufacturers and construction parties can take advantage of them. They do not produce, accept and use according to standards and specifications. . They believe that all the sleeved crimped steel conduits and the sleeved tight steel conduits are similar, reducing costs and costs. This understanding is very wrong.

The wiring system of a building is like a human blood vessel and nerve. It is a very important and sensitive system. It is sloppy at all. The role of the metal conduit is to protect the line system from normal operation. A poor quality metal conduit will not only protect it, it may also cause damage.

How should the construction party, the supervision party and the construction party choose the high-quality socket crimping and socket-tightening steel pipe or the manufacturer with quality assurance? In addition to the purchase and acceptance according to national standards and industry norms, it should also be consulted. The following aspects of the manufacturer:

1. See qualifications and registered capital. See if the manufacturer has the qualification to produce and sell. The production of socketed buckled steel conduits and socketed steel conduits can not be produced with a random cost of 1.8 million yuan. A qualified manufacturer, its registered capital will not be less than 3 million yuan, and has a complete production line and special equipment. This makes it easy to monitor the entire production process to ensure quality.

2. Inspection report and quality certification. In addition to the general inspection report, the inspection report must also have the fifth mode certification of the China Quality Certification Center. At present, many units are tested by means of inspection, which makes the total quality of the company's products unclear. These test reports clearly state: "This test is only responsible for the sample." The fifth test mode of China Quality Certification Center is that the China Electrotechnical Products Certification Committee sends professional testers to the company to check the products being produced and stocked and examine the quality management system of the company. This quality certification is fully responsible for the products produced by the company and is the most authoritative. Regular professional production of metal conduits companies generally also do ISO9001 international quality system certification for their metal conduits.

3. Quality inspection. Regular enterprises have stricter tests on metal conduits, which are tested on a root-by-root basis. Usually, each package unit has a certificate.

At present, the metal conduit market in China is quite chaotic and mixed. Users should purchase and use regular products based on the principle of 100-year plan and quality first. All manufacturers engaged in the production and sales of metal pipe industry should strictly produce and sell according to national standards and industry standards, do not cut corners, improve quality, improve quality, and increase efforts to combat counterfeit and shoddy products. Let us standardize the metal conduit market, improve the level of competition in the industry, and strive to improve the intrinsic quality of buildings.

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